Bizarre stratospheric event continues

Up,up and away
Up,up and away

The stratospheric heat event continues, and may be the most intense yet experienced.

Heat to more than 70C above normal has been recorded in the stratosphere, and this will likely affect southern hemisphere weather soon.

Tasmania could cop severe cold blasts, while mainland Australia could be extremely dry this summer.

Blue Skies Weather forecaster Tony Trewinnard​ said: “Temperatures at 30km are in single digits and that’s 50, 60, 70C warmer than normal at that altitude. That is quite bizarre.

“We may find the spring season as a whole turns out cold, or summer is. It isn’t affecting our (NZ) weather patterns here yet, but basically it will only be a matter of time.”

Noll said the sudden stratospheric warming was a “climate driver”.

“It influences weather patterns over weeks to months but isn’t a predictor of day-to-day weather,” he said.

“It can and will influence patterns during October and, given the longevity of the event, it may be a player into November. So it’s not over yet.”

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