The Eywa Tree

Don’t know what this tree is.

It is the only one I’ve seen in my part of the Huon.

It is growing in an odd spot … a pile of rocks in a gully.

Its leaves (needles?) are bright green. The branches have strange growths on them.

It looks like one of two species of Tasmanian cypress trees but it does not appear to be either.

Maybe it is common as muck, but I have missed seeing others around the Huon.

Do you know what it is?

We have named it after the Tree of Spirits in the film Avatar because it is so different.

EDIT: I have been told it is a native cherry …

This interesting tree is semi-parasitic, feeding from the root systems of other trees. It produces edible cherries.

I still don’t know what the odd growths are. Perhaps some sort of tree canker.

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