Poisons, poisons … everywhere

I previously posted about the abundance of poisons found in carcasses lying around Tasmania’s rural areas.

Hunter-carnivores and scavengers eat the stuff when they prey on poisoned animals that are dying or dead.

I mentioned 1080 and the illegal organochlorines, but I didn’t mention rat poisons.

I discovered today that rat poisons are a huge issue in Tasmania … https://www.utas.edu.au/news/2021/8/6/1155-rat-poison-fears-for-tasmanias-iconic-wedge-tailed-eagle/

There are smart ways to control pests. For rats, use traps.

Shooting is better than poisoning, especially if shooters use non-toxic bullets.

Here is the previous post … https://www.tazlife.com/2021/07/18/lead-bullets-1080-and-thylacines/

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