Be careful where you camp

The Eiffel Tower ... beware burned out trees in the upper Huon Valley
The Eiffel Tower … ready to fall

Bushfires leave a legacy of burned out trees.

Trees that are burned through at the base like the Eiffel Tower wannabe above are common wherever there have been forest fires.

Many such trees are just hanging on to life. Others are dead. All are dropping limbs.

Be careful where you put your swag or tent, or park your 4WD.

This applies to the upper Huon Valley and anywhere else that has burned in recent years.

The burned areas from 2019 look ripe to burn again, with dried piles of timber everywhere and huge fallen trees lying next to new eucalyptus growth.

The good news is that the hollowed out trees provide homes for the wildlife that didn’t get fried in the fire.

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