Hobart to Cradle Mountain in a weekend

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake in 2008 ... it's a big day out
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake in 2018 … it’s a big day out

Can you visit Cradle Mountain from Hobart in one weekend?

The short answer is yes, it can be done, but it is a bit gruelling.

Cradle Mountain is in the north-west of the island, in a fairly mountainous, out-of-the way corner.

Hobart is in the far south.

We did the trip, leaving on a Saturday morning, staying overnight at the lodge at Cradle Mountain National Park, and leaving at noon the next day.

This only gave us time for the shorter walks near the mountain.

We could have visited caves near Mole Creek on the way home if someone hadn’t taken a wrong turn and driven to Forth via Wilmot …

Still, always nice to see some new road.

But the Hobart-to-Cradle-and-back-in-one-weekend gig is a bit tough, being 4.5 hours of driving each way.

A long weekend would be better.

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