I minted an NFT

NOTE: I don’t want to encourage anyone into NFTs or crypto coins. While fortunes have been made and some NFTs sold for thousands of dollars, I am inclined to believe this guy is right … https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/investing/crypto-expert-says-mumanddad-investors-are-going-to-get-absolutely-wrecked/news-story/540f7f6e40be322726ae866ba617ae4b

The pursuit of the thylacine has taken me to strange places, both physically and mentally.

Subtle eye rolls and outright guffaws are expected responses to one’s belief that the thylacine still exists, but thankfully the older I get the less I care.

Regardless, knowing the animals are still here makes one resilient to the most passionate assertions of the extinction mantra.

More recently, a strange place I have visited is a thing called the NFT market, where digital tokens are made and sold, or more correctly, minted and traded.

NFTs are related to the cryptocurrency market.

I can’t quite get my head around it all, but I did learn enough to make an NFT, recently listed here … https://explorer.solana.com/address/Gy5y53ukMQb64zYLPFf28zjmoAKaXuZCsuHq52u6it4J

Surely a unique clip of a Tassie devil balking at a thylacine cutout is worth something, right?

Or, like the thylacine hunt (so far), am I on another possibly futile pursuit?

What I can assure is that if the NFT sells, some of the cash will be reinvested into extending my network of cameras, and into aerial surveys.

Tasmanian Life